About Us

Vegas Night the drink is a wholly owned brand and registered trademark of Meldrum Philips Australia Pty Ltd (visit http://www.meldrumphilips.com.au ). A lightly carbonated citrus flavoured beverage, Vegas Night assists in hydration, improves performance and reduces fatigue over a longer period of time.

With a mix of unique ingredients such as green tea extracts Vegas Night is ideal for any night, before and after, having the benefits of antioxidants and electrolytes. Vegas Night is a true hybrid, taking the best from Tea, Energy and Sports Drink categories, without having the excessive caffeine content, artificial stimulants and colouring.

The website www.vegasnight.com.au is designed to enhance the Vegas Night experience by allowing users to post their Vegas Night stories and pictures with their friends and the world. Partnered with music, promoted events and festivals Vegas Night is the ideal party companion. Mix, Share, Win and Grin are all experienced on the Vegas Night site and we encourage you to explore and enjoy. Vegas Night is synonymous with great times and life enjoyment.