Vegas Night Hall of Fame

Bar Flame

We arrived at a small bar we often frequented. Our team had won a big game. It was a dark place with cool tunes and awesome drinks. We sat near a corner with our own small table with candle. More and more of our friends arrived. Our planned quiet night after the game had suddenly become much bigger than all of us expected. Several hours past and I had become uncharacteristically quiet after consuming to my limit. Without thinking (clearly!) I grabbed a paper napkin and held it over the candle. Surprise surprise soon we had a large laminating flame. As if in slow motion the whole scene seemed to last for several minutes but it was probably only seconds. The bartender arrived with a wet towel and put the fire out. I turned to see that our table was now isolated. A circle had formed around the table and a crowd now looked on in disgust. We sheepishly grabbed our stuff and headed for the door. We could feel the daggers hitting us as we left the building. The greatest entertainer on earth I was not. Yikes!


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