Vegas Night Hall of Fame

Sunrise Hot Tub

Our group of usual suspects had managed to get access to a beautiful cabin on Lake Tahoe in California. Being a long weekend, it allowed us to let our hair down a little more than usual and the rear decking had become quite the social capital, entry requirement being enduring a shot concoction.

On the last night we ventured into the bustling township, frequenting the local watering-holes. After wreaking havoc, we returned to our haven for further fun and frivolity. Without giving away all the details and protecting the guilty- it involved further cocktails, singing, cocktails, a hot tub, more cocktails and a little bit of gratuitous nudity. Oh, and more cocktails.

Like ambling cattle, we all crashed for the night at sporadic intervals. However two lost souls remained, giving our temporary neighbours quite a sight the next morning. There, in the now half-filled, dirty tub they had remained, asleep and oblivious!!