Vegas Night Hall of Fame

The Walking Bread

My Vegas Night story is actually about my notoriously unreliable flat mate. We had had a big Friday night and on the Saturday morning we were wanting a good greasy breakfast. We asked our flat mate Mills to buy some bread. He agreed and headed off sometime around 11am. An hour passed and still no Mills. It was not until 6am on the Monday morning that Mills returned. Surprisingly under his arm was one mangled loaf of bread. Asked where he had been he said that after buying the bread he dropped into the local pub to find his missing sunnies (sun glasses). He had a beer while chatting to the bartender, which then lead to a few more. This then lead to an invitation to a BBQ, which then turned into an all nighter, which lead to him crashing on someone’s floor. That morning he returned to the pub to again collect the missing sunnies, which again lead to a repeat of the day before. Mills is a Plumber and promises to be at you house or business sometime between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday!!!


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