The Drink

Refreshing Hydration.

A lightly carbonated citrus flavoured beverage, Vegas Night is synonymous with great times and enjoyment. With a mix of unique ingredients such as green tea extracts Vegas Night is ideal for any night, before and after, having the benefits of antioxidants and electrolytes. Vegas Night assists in hydration, improves performance and reduces fatigue over a longer period of time. It is a true hybrid, taking the best from Tea, Energy and Sports Drink categories, without the added caffeine, artificial stimulants and colouring.

Legend Born – The Story

Like all good stories this story begins with

Once Upon a Time

…there was a deep rich forest filled with a gathering of jolly young men and women. They danced to the beat of a medieval tune unaware that they would soon be witness to a great legend born.

From the depths of the mist filled forest, galloping of an approaching horse could be heard. The galloping intensified and soon a knight on a horse could be seen. Jumping over a fallen tree the horse landed into the area the medieval party had only seconds earlier just danced. Startled, the group stepped back and whispered in fright “Who is that man? Who is that man?” Hearing their fear the wise village monk stepped forward and proclaimed, “That is the man with the Vegas Night”. Confused and surprised some of the gathering repeated, “Who is that man?” Again the monk proclaimed in a much louder voice, “That is the man with the Vegas Night, that is the man with the Vegas Night, that is the man with the Vegas Night”. With that the horse then tapped the ground once, twice, three times each to the beat of a brand new sound. The horse reared and the group cheered, and with that a great legend was born.

The world would later come to know that brand new sound as dance music and the drink Vegas Night would become a household name. Many have gone on further to claim that where this forest once stood, now a vast desert, a city would be built and named Las Vegas.

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